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Spring Picnic

Despite the cold and rainy weather, the spirit of the 2019 Spring Easter Picnic was warm and full of good food, old and new friends, smiling faces and fun and games. After grabbing a bite (or two or three) to eat of the many pot luck dishes, such as spaghetti, adobo, fish sticks and of course lechon, people, especially the kids, were warmed up for games and the annual Easter egg hunt. We hosted several games for the kids to participate in, including a piñata. Man, those kids can swing a bat! The egg hunts were divided up by two age groups with the younger kids looking for those colorful eggs full of candy on the playground, while the older kids had to hunt in those hard to reach places on the grassy area by the pavilion. At the end of the hunt, the kids were so proud to count how many eggs they had in their basket and wide-eyed to see what was inside each of the eggs. And even more wide-eyed when the Easter Bunny showed up to greet everyone. One by one, the kids lined up to get their selfies and photos taken with their furry friend! For the adults, we had our annual Minatamisan, a silent auction with traditional Filipino desserts and baked goods. There were some tasty treats this year! I think next year we should hold a taste test. :) To see the kids’ faces light up as soon as we said “Go!” for the Easter egg hunt. Or the energy of the children as they lunged after falling candy from the piñata. The competitiveness of the adults as they bid on their favorite desserts and baked goods. And the footwork of dance lovers to the tunes of Todo Todo and Cuban Shuffle. April 20 was a day to remember for all who attended!

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