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Philippine Embassy Advisory

2022 Overseas Absentee Voting

April 19, 2022

The Embassy reminds its voting public that there is no need to request the Embassy to mail your ballots. Under the postal method of voting, the Embassy will automatically mail election packets to the registered voters' addresses.

Furthermore, the Embassy informs our voters that some mailed election packets have been returned to the Embassy. Please refer to this list ( to check if your election packet was returned to the Embassy.

If your name is in the list of returned postal election packets, please email with the subject "RTS + (Your Full Name)" to be informed of your available options.

(Note: Pursuant to COMELEC Resolution 10766, only the full last name and initials of your first and middle names will be listed)

The Embassy also reminds voters under our jurisdiction who have signified their intent for pick up will have until 3:00PM, Friday, 22 April to pick up their ballots. Any ballots not picked upon or before the deadline will be mailed.

Registered voters listed under the Embassy are reminded to regularly check our social media platforms and website for FAQs, updates and announcements.

The Embassy reassures voters under our jurisdiction of our commitment to a safe, secure and smooth overseas voting process.

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