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The Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta (Fil-Am) hosted its annual Valentine's Day, as well as its Membership drive on Saturday, February 9, 2019 at the Happy Valley Restaurant in Norcross, Georgia.

The theme of the event was Rock 'N' Roll. There were many representations of this genre, including poodle skirts, guitar centerpieces and a backdrop for attendees to take pictures. Guests also dressed in costumes of their favorite Rock 'N' Roll era.

Juneli Zabala, Cultural Chair of 2019, led the party as the emcee of the evening. People danced to the music of the high-tech music mixer, Eric Mojica.

Those who attended enjoyed an outstanding eight-course meal in lauriat-style dining. Miss Fil-Am of 2018, Sheena Erickson, entertained the guests with her rich, ringing vocal performance of "On the Radio" by Donna Summer.

As a fun addition to the party, bouquets of flowers and gift cards were given away to Manolo and Gloria Apanay for the longest married couple of 55 years; Russell and Grace Antonio for the most recent married couple, who were married on November 24, 2018 and Ellen Eltz for best Rock 'N' Roll costume.

Throughout the evening, two raffles were held to raise funds for future Fil-Am cultural events. The 50/50 raffle was won by Willee Bonus and Jeff Dulog won the getaway trip to Florida.

Welcome to the new members who signed up during the party: Daemmion and Victoria Blaymon, Emmanuel and Theresa Bulang, David Butts and Susan Castro, Marcela Love, and Wilson and Joselyn Milan. Rock on!

Overall, the party was a success as the guests enjoyed an exciting and pleasurable evening.

We look forward to seeing everyone at next year's annual Valentine's and Membership Drive party!

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