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Garden Tour

On a rainy Saturday, July 9th, 2022, I attended a garden tour sponsored by Fil-Am of Greater Atlanta and the Fil-Am Heritage Foundation and hosted by Stephen and Lisa Apanay Enochs in their lovely home in Marietta.

Lisa took us on a tour of her well organized and well-maintained garden filled with different varieties of hydrangeas, azaleas, purple heart, and many other beautiful plants, herbs, vegetables and trees, including her amazing 8 ft high tomato plants, or should I say trees, which were abundantly full of clustered fruits. As an effect of the 2 or 3 glasses of the mimosa cocktail drink I've had on an early morning tour, the spirit of the alcohol almost tempted me to pluck a fruit or two. What a shame it would have been! Thank God, I was able to maintain my poise and dignity. .

My compliments to Lisa, and thanks for giving me the inspiration to one day arrange my garden like hers.

Besides the tour, we were also privileged not only to listen and participate in the presentation by Eudy Abellera, Nene Salgado, Tessie Osias, Marites Pellicer and Gloria Apanay, but also given the opportunity to take home, plant giveaways and displays of their precious collections of the different varieties of freshly cut hydrangea blooms, such as Annabelle, Shooting Star, Together Forever and Ever, Quick Fire, Oak Leaf, Endless Summer, Summer Crush and Nikko Blue to name a few. I have never seen so many varieties of hydrangeas with such beautiful blooms in different colors and shapes, of which some are about the size of a dinner plate. Amazing, they are priceless! Well done, ladies.

Part of the presentation were also interesting information about the types of hummingbirds and feeders, bluebirds and their natural habits, their nests and even a particular type of bird house that would attract bluebirds. Later on, both displays of the hummingbird feeder, birdhouse and bluebird house with a book and framed picture of a bluebird were auctioned to benefit the Fil-Am Heritage Foundation. Thanks to Lisa and Venus Soriano for their generous support.

Lastly, of course, a Filipino gathering is not complete without food. We feasted on pancit palabok, puto, espasol and food for the gods. It was such a fun day filled with fond memories. Thanks for the pleasant experience, great camaraderie and generous hospitality.

Elsie Medina Vidanes

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