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Fil-Am Farm Tour June 18, 2022

Following a growing interest in gardening by Fil-Am members and friends, Fil-Am organized a farm tour themed Healthy Living through Organic Gardening. The tour aspires to introduce organic gardening geared towards a greener and healthier living and care for the environment. Twenty Five Fil-Am members and friends visited the MayFlor Farms in Stockbridge, GA owned by May Chokshi. Our tour guide, gardener Dorothy, walked us through the many beds of vegetables, herbs and fruits explaining how beds are prepared and maintained throughout the year. Dorothy shared a number of organic gardening tips and allowed us to pick organic produce such as beans, peppers, collard greens. Kale and tomatoes to take home. We also sampled organic fruits such as blackberry, raspberry and blueberry along the way. This educational project turned out to be a leisurely rural adventure, surprisingly refreshing and lots of fun. The two-hour tour culminated in a picnic lunch filled with laughter, fun conversations and camaraderie.

We thank all our guests for participating and touring with us. We extend our gratitude to this event’s sponsors, the Philippine Nurses Association of Georgia Foundation (PNAGF) and the Fil-Am Heritage Foundation for making this tour possible, and to the MayFlor Farms for accommodating us.

Juliet Cook

Fil-Am President

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