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Always be a first-rate version of yourself.

Successful people are positive people across the board. They believe in themselves, their dreams and their goals.

A soft-spoken, unassuming, and beautiful young lady, who happens to be a part of our community, had spread her wings to reach her goal with determination and focus. She is none other than the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta’s 2019 Presidential Scholar, Tara Anastasoff.

Completing her first university degree a year early, Tara will walk up on stage and accept the highest honor of Summa Cum Laude in Public Relations at the University of Georgia. Furthermore, she is in the Double Dawgs Program of UGA where she will earn a Master’s degree in Emerging Media in 2023.

To gain experience in her line of degree she works as an intern at the Smith Agency in Atlanta as head of its Public Relations and Marketing Department.

In addition to her academic engagements, she has a special interest in fashion, particularly vintage fashion. A passion she has had for such period of time that she started her own vintage clothing business, Spectacle Vintage. It has been successful and has drummed up sales at multiple pop-up events around Georgia.

Next month, she will take a break from her scholarly activities and immerse herself into apparel industry. Living in New York this summer, Tara will work as an intern with a fashion company.

Tara is a well-rounded, versatile person. She carries with her a high aptitude and talent to create a recipe for a successful life.

Special mention to her parents, Brandon and Eden Anastasoff, for successfully raising a talented and beautiful daughter.

To Tara, our best wishes for a bright future and thank you for sharing your exemplary accomplishments and making us proud of you.

On behalf of the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta and the whole Fil-Am community, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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