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Miss fil-am

The annual Miss Fil-Am pageant is a venue where young accomplished Filipino-American ladies compete for the title and honor to represent and serve the Filipino-American community, and where the ladies are given the opportunity to learn, share and experience Philippine history, customs and traditions through music, dances and literary arts.


The duties of Miss Fil-Am are to:


  • Act as an ambassador of goodwill for the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta


  • Act as a representative of the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta to promote the goals and objectives of the Association


  • Show support by attending a majority of the functions and activities of the Filipino-American Association of Greater Atlanta


Below is a document that gives more information around the process of applying to compete in the Pageant as well as the rules. If you have any questions, please contact our social chair at


1975                Ningning Encisa                           

1976                Tessie Pujalte

1977                Evelyn Quijano

1978                Brenda Hernandez

1979                Pretz Dominguez

1980                Perla Bauzon

1981                Julie De Gracia

1982                Teresa Lumapas

1983                Lisa Apanay

1984                Marilou Zamora

1985                Lisa De Gracia

1986                Jay-Jay Pellicer

1987                Angela Quilala

1988                Eddilyn Parungao

1989                Jennifer Gutlay

1990                Donna Chafin

1991                Jocelyn Porquez

1992                Richie Goodwin

1993                Michelle Espina

1994                Arlene Dijamco

1995                Christina Dijamco

1996                Jennifer Maria Holsten 

1997                Kristine Del Rosario

1998                June Librojo

1999                Sharon Chapman 

2000                Jacqueline Medina

2001                Toni Nardiello

2002                Jennifer Petty

2003                Heather Opalia

2004                Cindy Caranto

2005                Jessica Prosianos

2006                Angelie De Gracia Ella

2007                Sammie Oberloh

2008                Juneli Zabala

2009                pageant not held

2010                Elizabeth Coe 

2011                Marissa Rose

2012                Kelley Utt

2013                Sarah Fisher

2014                pageant not held

2015                Alison Nagaj

2016                Kristin Dulog

2017                pageant not held

2018                Sheena Erickson

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